Fun Facts About Pigeons You Probably Didn’t Know

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

We don’t blame you if you think you know everything there is to know about pigeons. After all, they are so widely spread that you probably encounter them on a daily basis. But that is just another reason to scroll down and check out these fun facts about pigeons.

Pigeons Produce Milk

Only three bird species on Earth produce milk, and pigeons are one of them. Pigeon milk comes from the lining of their crop and is produced by both males and females. It is high in protein and fat while being vital for the growth of chicks. 

Pigeons Can Find Their Way Back Home From 1,300 Miles Away

Pigeons have a great sense of navigation, which is why they were so efficient in their job as messengers. They can travel some 1,300 miles away from home and still find their way back. This will be the case even if they have been transported to an unknown location in isolation. Scientists believe that they are able to do so by using the position of the sun as a compass alongside other methods like memorizing landmarks.

Pigeons Are Considered to Be the First Domesticated Birds by Humans

Pigeons have been closely tied to humans for thousands of years. Experts believe that the domestication of pigeons dates back to 4500 BCE and that they might be the first birds to be domesticated by humans.

Pigeons Have a Remarkable Memory

As we previously mentioned, pigeons can remember important landmarks and later use them as a navigational tool. But their memory is even more remarkable than that. Studies have shown that pigeons can recognize humans they’ve seen before and tell them apart from one another even after a change of clothes.