Fun Facts About Polar Bears You Probably Didn’t Know

Polar bears
Photo by Hans Jurgen Mager on Unsplash

Polar bears are amazing. They can survive extreme colds and have a white fur coat that matches their surroundings. But you’ll find them even more fascinating when you learn these fun facts. 

Polar Bears Can Swim for Hours

Polar bears are long-distance swimmers. They can swim for hours in the cold ocean, especially when looking to get from one ice sheet to another.

Polar Bears Rely On Their Sense of Smell to Find Prey

Polar bears rely on their sense of smell to look for food. They can smell a seal on ice even if it’s 20 miles away. Even when the seal is in freezing water, they can smell their breathing holes in ice from more than half a mile away.

Polar Bears Have Black Skin

Underneath their white fur, polar bears have black skin. As a matter of fact, their fur isn’t even white. It is transparent, but we perceive it as white due to the reflection of the light.

Polar Bear Cubs Are Born in Snow Dens

Momma polar bear gives birth to polar bear cubs in snow dens. They will only emerge from the snow den after several months and then remain with their mother for up to two years in order to learn all the skills necessary to survive in harsh conditions.