Fun Facts About Skunks You Probably Didn’t Know

Photo by Bryan Padron on Unsplash

Skunks have a reputation for being the smelliest members of the animal kingdom, and if you have ever encountered one, you know that this reputation is well-deserved. However, their smelly nature is just one of the things that make them fascinating animals. Check out these fun facts below to learn more.

Skunks Are Immune to Snake Venom and Bee Stings

Skunks are among the few animals that are immune to both snake venom and bee stings. Because of this, skunks will fearlessly attack venomous snakes when hungry and are known to be significant predators of bees in certain regions.

Skunks Recently Changed Families

Initially, skunks were considered members of the Mustelidae family alongside weasels, stoats, badgers, and otters. However, recent research prompted the change of skunk’s family status and they were placed in their own family of Mephitidae with stink badgers being their first cousins.

Skunks Do a Dance Before Their “Smell” Attack

Skunks release their stinky spray when they feel threatened. However, it isn’t their first weapon of choice. They will first try to intimidate the aggressor with a funny dance routine.

Skunks Need 10 Days to Replenish Their Stinky Spray

The reason why skunks don’t use their stinky spray as a first choice is because it needs a long time to replenish, often 10 to 12 days. Without them, they are extremely vulnerable to predators.