Funny Video Shows Cat Getting Pushed Underneath an Armchair by a Robot Vacuum

A robot vacuum is a great gadget to have around your home. It keeps the floors spotless and does everything by itself. However, if you are planning to get one, keep in mind that they might not be too kind to your pets.

One cat owner recently captured on camera a funny situation that shows just how robot vacuum cleaners can be ruthless to pets.

The video shared on YouTube shows a feline named Indy relaxing on the floor and minding its own business. However, her serenity is soon taken away by the robot vacuum cleaner, which comes to “sweep” her from the floor. 

Following several unsuccessful attempts, the robot vacuum cleaner simply pushes the cat underneath the armchair and proceeds with its usual program. After recovering from shock, Indy is seen approaching its owner, who can’t contain their laughter, for consolation.

“Indy was peacefully relaxing on the floor unaware of the fact that the evil robot spotted him as a big pile of dirt and decided to sweep him. But the dirt was being difficult, so the robot then decided to just push him under the couch, “Indy’s owners wrote in the video description.