Funny Video Shows Pair Cats Struggling to Understand How a New Bookshelf Works

Internet users were left in stitches with a funny video that shows a pair of cats struggling to “understand” how a new bookshelf in their home works. Once you watch it, you’ll be laughing out loud as well.

One cat owner named Nina recently decided to build a new bookshelf but her felines obviously didn’t get the memo that it wasn’t complete. They started swarming the bookshelf and quickly realized it was nothing like the only one on which they could jump around or find a resting place.

With no shelves installed, the cats keep falling to the bottom with every jump or end up holding onto a metal frame in very awkward positions. Meanwhile, Nina can’t hold the laughter watching the scene unfold.

“Also my stupid laugh. Couldn’t hold it back tho, this went on for 15 minutes straight,” Nina wrote in the caption of the video.


Also my stupid laugh😂🤡 Couldn’t hold it back tho, this went on for 15 minutes straight 😂🤌🏻 #fyp #catsoftiktok #funny #fail

♬ original sound – Nina

The video received two million views since it was shared in early May, and it got hundreds of comments from TikTokers who were amused by it.

“Can watch this for hours and hours,” one TikToker commented.

“The gray one slipping on air and gripping for his life had me giggling,” another added.