This Furry Shoplifter Steals From a Supermarket And No One Can Stop it

Photo by Peter Plashkin on Unsplash

Recently, employees of União Supermercado in Brazil were surprised when a shoplifter appeared out of the blue and quickly disappeared. And he wasn’t just your ordinary thief.

The sly dog was caught on the camera directly slipping out the front entrance carrying a loaf of stolen bread in his mouth. The pooch had made his getaway before the staff members could stop him.

Shoplifting normally happens at any store, but never before had a theft brought such enjoyment.

“Everyone’s reaction was that of surprise,” a spokesperson of União Supermercado told The Dodo. “Out of nowhere a pup shows up carrying a loaf of bread in his mouth, and leaves so happy! It was great fun.”

The dog was also captured by another camera before the crime happened. No one knows where the dog came from, but his bold act has definitely gained him a lot of media attention, where the footage of the “crime” has been viewed over 140k times. Well, it may be only a matter of time before his identity is revealed.