Fuzzy Fawn Wildlife is Releasing Rescued Deer Back Into the Wild

Wildlife rescue is a truly noble calling, and Leondra Scherer’s life turned upside down when she decided to do it full-time. She founded Fuzzy Fawn Wildlife Rescue with one goal in mind—rescuing injured deer and helping them get back on their feet before releasing them into the wild.

Scherer is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator based in Buffalo, New York, and she’s been rescuing animals for over a decade. After she found a fawn in need of help in 2013, she called countless numbers asking for assistance only to be put on hold, so she decided to take matters into her own hands.

She got her rehabilitation license, converted her backyard into a makeshift care center, and later moved to a rural area with more land where she can take better care of rescue animals. She’s taken care of squirrels, rabbits, and birds over the years, but she mostly specializes in rescuing, rehabilitating, and then releasing white-tailed deer.

“Each year, Fuzzy Fawn takes in around one hundred deer and answers about 400 calls about wildlife. They are assessed for injuries, treated, and then released… Before being released, she takes care to prevent any imprinting and to preserve that natural fear of humans,” reads Fuzzy Fawn Wildlife Rescue’s official website.