Gary the Mountaineering Cat Has the Best Social Media Account Ever

Social media was fun. At first.

Seeing all of those awe-inspiring photos and stories of people from all over the world was great. But, eventually, we realized that they’re just copying from each other, and the photos, as well as stories that they shared were no longer unique — they were just different variations of what other people had already said before.

This is especially true with pets.

This isn’t to say that we’re not animal lovers here. But, the truth is, with so many people having pets these days, it seems like it’s become a necessity for certain pet owners to create social media accounts for their pets, and sometimes, they don’t even do anything unique or different at all.

This isn’t a knock to anyone who’s doing that, but, let’s face it, seeing the same things over and over again can get a bit tiring.

If that’s the case for you, then you might want to browse through Gary’s Instagram account. Why? Because unlike other pets, Gary does things that only Gary does, like, you know, go hiking, paddling, and mountaineering, which are three things that you never thought you’d expect a cat would be able to do let alone love.

Not just your regular fluff-ball who’s out for attention, Gary, a 5-year-old rescue cat, is a true inspiration for us all.