Gazelle Manages to Evade a Lion Ambush With an Epic Juke Move

Since a gazelle is a lot faster than a lion, the “King of the Jungle” often tries to ambush its prey in order to catch it. While this tactic works in some cases, gazelles often manage to get away using some nifty moves which can look pretty epic as one recent viral video shows. 

During a safari trip in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park, a tourist was recording a gazelle as the animal was drinking water from a small pond. Out of the blue, a lion came from his ambush and tried to attack it.

The lion figured the gazelle would run away from him in the same direction, so the big cat was running towards its prey in full speed. The gazelle, however, had one amazing trick up its sleeve as she did an epic juke move which deceived the lion and allowed her to run away in the opposite direction.

Watch this awesome video below.