German Shepard Sees Snow for the First Time

It is no secret that dogs love snow. But the fascinating thing is that they appear to be instinctively drawn to it, as a recent viral video on social media demonstrates.

The clip shows German Sheppard Rocky, who is from California, seeing snow for the first time in his life during a visit to Midwest with his owner. At first, the dog just stands on the doorstep, being cautious about the unknown white stuff covering the ground.

After tinkering a bit, Rocky decides to give the snow a closer inspection and realizes it is so fun. He gives it a taste and even ends up making some snow angels. His excitement was so contagious that we almost went out and started rolling in the snow ourselves.

The comment section of the video was full of users who testified that their own dogs love snow as well.

“My shepherd will stay out there all day if she could,” wrote one TikToker.

According to experts, dogs love the snow for the same reason most people do. The snow changes the landscape, it is fun to play with, and they don’t mind the cold. This dog’s reaction is enough to have us venturing out to enjoy the snow, too!