German Sheppard Fakes That He is Sleepy to Avoid a Bath

Dogs don’t like baths and will come up with all kinds of tricks to avoid getting in the bathtub. While some canines will resort to standard growling and escapades, others have developed much more sophisticated methods, as a recent viral TikTok video shows.

In a recent viral video shared on TikTok, a pet owner approaches their German Shepherd and tells the dog that he has a bath coming up. As soon as the dog hears these words, his eyes become heavy, and it seems like he is going to fall asleep.

“You’re faking, you’re faking. I think you’re a little bit of a faker. You’re fake sleeping, “the owner tells the dog.

Wanting to prove their theory, the owner then recommends a walk instead. As soon as German Sheppard hears that, he immediately becomes wide awake.

The video became a massive hit, receiving 8.5 million views and amusing a lot of TikTok users.

“Dogs are liars, but bad liars,” @xixparkerxix wrote in the comments section.

“he deserved an Oscar for that performance,” @weratedogs added.

We have to admit that the German Sheppard put up a great effort. However, something tells us that he still ended up having a bath before retreating to his safe spot to come up with a new trick.