Should You Get a Sugar Glider as a Pet?

Image via chumkenoikimonotati/Instagram

Sugar gliders are very popular and exotic pets. But, as cute as it all seems, there are also some serious things you need to take care of. The Sugar Glider has it’s own care requirements and personality traits that have to be considered.

Sugar gliders are a long-term commitment as they can live up to 14 years in captivity and they require a very special diet, a bunch of attention and some space.

Sugar gliders are playful and very friendly. But you have to pay attention to it because it will remain friendly as long as you have a regular interaction with it.

When it comes to sugar glider’s diet they have very strict dietary requirements. They eat food that contains honey, calcium powder, and baby cereal, but fresh fruit and vegetables are suitable as well.

Think about these things before you decide to buy a sugar glider and make it your pet.