This Adorable Ginger Cat Loves Playing in the Snow

Cats usually don’t like snow and cold weather—they prefer to stay indoors, in the warm, and cuddle with their humans. But Ginger, an adorable adopted cat from Russia, isn’t like most cats.

Despite living in the harsh Russian winter, Ginger loves being outdoors. He enjoys running around his owner’s backyard, playing in the snow, and exploring his surroundings.

Ginger’s love for snow is best seen on his Instagram page, where his owners regularly share his cute, furry adventures.

According to his humans, Ginger was adopted after they found him outside their house one day. They took him in and after failing to find his previous owner, they decided to keep him.

“He looked like he was a home cat who didn’t know how to survive outside—he would just sit in one place for long periods of time,” Ginger’s owners told Bored Panda.

But before long, Ginger quickly showed that he’s more than a house cat and that he has the skills to survive in the outside world.