Goat Comforts A Sad Dog Who Just Lost His Best Friend

Image by @totes.the.goat / Instagram

A little lamb named Jerry has touched so many lives even though his life lasted only for two weeks.

Jerry was rescued by Black Goat Farm and Sanctuary after he was born a runt and rejected by his mother. The farmer didn’t want to bottle-raise him, so Megan Mostacci, cofounder of the sanctuary, offered the baby lamb a home.

That’s where Jerry met a special friend, Drake the dog and he immediately began to cuddle and sleep on top of the adorable dog.

“Most lambs sleep on top of their mamas,” Megan told The Dodo. “And Jerry does this with Drake.”

And Drake apparently loved Jerry back. Even on Jerry’s first night, Drake was attached. “He was cleaning him, cuddling with him … just being there with him,” Megan shared.

But Jerry turned out to be very sick and sadly passed away when his heart stopped while being prepped for emergency surgery. It came as a shock to everyone, most especially to Drake.

Drake kept looking for Jerry but could not find him. That’s when Dottie the goat sensed Drake was depressed and needed comforting. The goat came over and spooned with Drake on the couch.

Dottie was saved from a hoarder back in February and Drake had been welcoming with her, just as he had been with Jerry the lamb.

“Dottie has been cuddling with Drake all morning,” Megan said. “She knows he’s sad.”

“Drake loves his babies so much,” she added.