Golden Retriever Falls in Love With Pup Next Door

We all know the rom-com cliché of falling in love with the girl next door. Well, this happened to a Golden Retriever named Lola and her neighbor Loki. The love story began after Lola’s owner Amber Monte moved to their new home outside of Surrey, England.

They were immediately welcomed by Loki, a Staffordshire Terrier. The two pups were separated by a wooden fence, but it didn’t stop these two from interacting. Lola’s owner, Amber Monte told The Dodo, “We’ve never lived next to other dogs before, and Lola was so excited to see another dog so often!”

“When Loki was in his garden he’d always jump up at the fence and look for Lola, as he knew she was usually there.” Monte described Lola as shy and hesitant around larger dogs. But for some reason, she always wanted to spend her time outside with Loki.

“They are so excited to see each other when they play—there’s lots of jumping around, running, lots of kissing! They are inseparable when they are together,” Monte said.

We guess you can’t stop true love!