Golden Retrievers Help Toddler Escape Room

Image via cheesepups/Instagram

Golden Retrievers Bleu and Colby became popular when their owners, Chris Cardinal and his wife Nina, posted a time-lapse video on YouTube of the pups running to eat dinner. The video was posted 2 years ago and so far it has reached more than 13 million views.

Recently, these adorable dogs, a.k.a. Cheese Pups, have gone viral again after being caught in the camera helping their partner-in-crime, 15-month-old Chloe, escape her room so she can give them snacks.

The clever dogs have discovered that Chloe is far more generous in doling out treats than her parents, which is the main reason why they usually hang out with her very often.

“Colby parks himself under Chloe’s high chair every night,” Chris told Bored Panda. “Lately she’s gotten tall enough to reach into their food bin, so she scoops out kibble and drops it for them, much to our chagrin.”

When it’s time for breakfast, these cheesy retrievers went straight to the toddler rather than wait around for their food. “When 6 am rolls around and they haven’t been fed yet, they definitely go looking,” Chris said. Bleu and Colby will open the door to Chloe’s room and wake her up and the pups will excitedly lead her to the snack’s location and the little girl is happy to oblige.

Chloe’s parents were puzzled to find their baby girl wandering free in the halls in the morning, as she isn’t tall enough to reach the doorknob yet. It was only upon reviewing footage from the camera they’d set up inside Chloe’s room, that her parents learned the truth – the dogs had helped her escape for an early breakfast.

“They definitely know exactly what they are doing,” Chris shared. “And Chloe feeds them on purpose.”

Check out the adorable video below.