Golden State Warriors Players Arrive at Home Arena With Puppies From the Local Adoption Center

Millions of people from all around the world watch NBA. Animal organization Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA from San Mateo County, California recently decided to take advantage of this fact and team up with Golden State Warriors to give their adoptable puppies more exposure in hopes of helping them find their forever home.

During a recent home game at Chase Center, several Warriors players made their entry in the arena while accompanied by Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA residents. Judging by the video shared on Warriors’ official social media, both the players and the dogs had a great time.

The dogs, accompanied by one kitten, later settled in their own booth where fans could visit them and get to know them better. The volunteers also provided information about the organization and the adoption process.

The campaign ended up being a success. Three dogs and the kitten that had an honor of entering the arena with Warriors players were adopted just couple of days after the game. Another three dogs are still looking for their new home but Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA isn’t losing hope that they will be matched up with loving humans as well.