Goose the Horse Gets Stuck in Snow, Calls His Human to Rescue Him

Some humans love snow and enjoy it, while others just want it to melt and go away already. It’s the same with animals. For example, cats are not quite fond of it, but dogs and horses absolutely adore it.

Horses particularly like snow because they enjoy playing and running around during cold weather. Also, they enjoy rolling in the snow. But as a recent viral video shared on TikTok shows, sometimes their snow play can get them in trouble.

TikTok user Aspen Wibholm shared a clip that shows her horse Goose being stuck in the snow. It appears that Goose was making snow angels and couldn’t get up on his feet anymore. Being helpless, the horse had to call Wibholm to help him get out.

Wibholm first took a few moments to tease the horse before helping him get on his feet.

The footage of Goose stuck in the snow quickly became viral, being viewed 15.6 million times in just a few days. It also caused some TikTokers to believe that Goose was actually just teasing his human.

“I feel like he could have gotten up the entire time lol,” one TikToker suggested.

“100 percent convinced he is playing with you lol,” another added.