Gorgeous Bird Brooches by Paulina Bartnik

Poland based artist Paulina Bartnik tuned her long time hobby into a job and now she’s creating incredibly beautiful and intricate bird brooches using embroidery.

Bartnik finished art school and is experienced in various other fields of art, so it wasn’t hard for her to master embroidery, once she discovered this amazing form of art as a teenager.

“I started to play around with felt and I discovered how good it looks when it’s combined with embroidery. Soft painterly effects can be achieved by using the felting technique and look perfect in combination with an acute line of threads,” the artist said.

However, creating embroidered artwork is a time-consuming process, which is why Bartnik had to wait for a few years before she could devote herself to her art. Eventually, the artist found inspiration in nature and now she’s creating these gorgeous colorful brooches shaped like animals.

“Mostly my work is based on images which fall into my hands and usually I don’t make any sketches. I have plenty ideas in my head (sometimes too much) which isn’t always good because I forget to realize lots of them.”

From various bird species to lovely rabbits or wolves, Bartnik’s artwork will certainly take your breath away. Take a look at her Instagram page.