Gorgeous Photos of Cats Taken by Marianna Zampieri

Image by @marianna_catographer / Instagram

Italian photographer Marianna Zampieri spends a lot of time taking photos of cats. Naturally, she became pretty good at it. Her latest project is called C-AT Work and it consists of photos of cats that live in working places.

Marianna emphasizes that she always respects the animals while taking photos. “Nothing is pretended or forced. Cats are very unpredictable and this is the hardest part of the project. They just don’t do what you want, when you want. I cannot expect anything; I just try and wait to see what happens. There will never be in my photos cats kept in arm forcibly, everything has to be very spontaneous and recreate an atmosphere of daily intimacy,” she says.

She has done similar projects before, among which were Cats in Venice and Meow-yor Cats. A book with the photos from the Cats in Venice project was published this April.

Take a look at the gorgeous felines photographed by Zampieri below.