Grooming Expert Turns Her Dog into Polar Bear, Peacock, and Lion

Missouri-based grooming expert Rachelle Lynn McGinnis loves to experiment with different grooming methods and techniques, and her puddle Bijou is happy to help.

McGinnis uses dye and fur carving in order to give her dog amazing makeovers transforming Bijou into a polar bear, peacock, and lion. Although these grooming sessions can last for hours, the puddle doesn’t mind being still and later proudly rocks her new looks.

“The wackier designs, the better,” McGinnis told Daily Mail. “Bijou has been everything from a horse, to a dragon to a polar bear. It’s something I love doing, and I feel like it shows off my creativity.”

After McGinnis started sharing some of her creations on social media, internet users loved it, and  Bijou quickly became a big internet star.

“Someone wrote that they seriously thought they were looking at a picture of a polar bear.” – she added. “It’s amazing how realistic she looks in both the photos and real life. I am very proud of my creations so far.”

Check out some of Bijou’s extreme transformations below.