Guitarist Covers “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” While His Dog Listens

The musician behind the Youtube channel AcousticTrench, a guy named Trench, covered the song You Got a Friend in Me from Toy Story while his dog, a golden retriever/border collie mix named Maple, chilled next to him enjoying the performance.

Trench doesn’t like showing his face on camera as he doesn’t want to be famous (and yet he has nearly 1.5 million Youtube subscribers!). This makes Maple the star of his channel.

“She enjoys climbing into my lap while I play the guitar and usually falls asleep, the music seems to soothe her,” he told Indy 100. He got Maple from a shelter when she was a puppy and they immediately bonded. They have been best friends for years.

Hear Trench perform You Got a Friend in Me below and check out his Youtube channel for more videos.