Guy Doesn’t Like Small Dogs Until He Adopts This Chihuahua

When Sinclair’s wife Sheridan Martin Oliver asked him if they could get a Chihuahua, he said “no” for a couple of reasons. First, he didn’t like little dogs. Second, he wanted a dog who would be able to stand up to their pit bull/German shepherd.

However, when Sinclair finally agreed to adopt a Chihuahua puppy, he didn’t have a clue it would be love at first sight. And since day one, Pickles has been the princess of the house, and her daddy will do anything to make her happy.

Sinclair makes her dinner, washes her clothes and blankets, cleans her dirty paws, lets her snuggle inside of his sweatshirt when she is cold, tucks her in every night between their pillows, and many other things.

“I am jealous of Pickles sometimes, actually! She loves me too and is a sweet girl who loves both her parents. But there have been times that he has given her a kiss goodnight and almost forgotten to give me a kiss goodnight too,” Sheridan told The Dodo.

Now the doggo became a licensed service dog and has an Instagram account, too. Check her out below!