Guy Exposes His Guard Dog Accepting “Bribes” From a Bear

A dog owner named Jesse Jordan recently shared a tweet about his dog who is supposed to be man’s best friend but turned out he’s not as loyal as he thought.

In a series of photos, which has since gone viral, Jordan exposes his guard dog accepting “bribes” from a bear. He explained that on the three separate incidents, his “furry idiot son,” named Brickleberry or Brick has accepted deer bones from a clever bear in exchange for rummaging through their trash.

In one of the pictures, Brick was seen enjoying his bribe. According to his owner, Brick is a “mastiff/hound mutt with some beagle in him, and is the best boy. He is great with kids and apparently bears.” Jordan raised him after his mother died a few days after he was born.

The tweet has amassed over 35,000 just one day after he shared the photos. Jordan said that Brick may not be the best guard dog but he was a good boy especially to his family.