Guy Photoshops his Adorable Corgi into Popular Movie Posters

How would dog versions of famous movies from 2018 look like? Well now we can get a solid idea thanks to New York-based filmmaker and creative director Bryan Reisberg.

Inspired by the popular movies from 2018, Reisberg decided to reimagine their posters by Photoshoping his corgi Maxine into them. This is how hits like A Splashy Place (A Quiet Place), Beautiful Dog (Beautiful Boy) and Mission: Impossible – Fluffy (Mission: Impossible – Fallout) were born.

“My wife and I love movies, and Maxine’s Instagram is movie-themed. Every caption is a movie quote. So we thought photoshopping Maxine into movie posters would be a fun way to celebrate some of our favorite movies of the year,” – said Reisberg in a recent interview.

Check out these awesome posters in multi-photo Instagram post below.