Harper the Golden Retriever Had Four Breakfasts and Zero Regrets

Dogs are real foodies in the sense that they will never reject food and will look to get more of it in every way possible. A funny story recently shared by dog owners Robin and Michael Korejko serves as a great example of this.

In a video shared on TikTok earlier this year, Robin and Michael are seen trying to figure out how many breakfasts their Golden Retriever Harper had. And it was more than they expected.

It turned out that Robin served Harper and her sibling, border collie mix named Hailey, a breakfast and Harper ate both of them. Not realizing the dogs were already given food, Michael served them breakfast again, and Harper once again cleaned both bowls.

After figuring out what happened, Robin tries to scold Harper but realizes it is in vain because the pupper didn’t have any regrets about her action. As a matter of fact, the dog has a huge proud grin on her face for the whole time while Hailey is calmly lying on the sofa with an empty stomach.

“When your golden retriever is actually a hungry hippo,” Robin and Michael wrote in the caption of this amusing video that you can check out below.