Hawk Gets Confused After Duck Lawn Ornament Doesn’t React to His Attack

Hawks usually have to put in a lot of effort to catch their food. They have to scout their surroundings in search of suitable prey, wait for their prey to be off guard, and execute a swift attack to successfully get their meal for the day.

But sometimes, even doing all of this perfectly isn’t enough, as a viral video from YouTuber Garybob demonstrates.

The clip shows a hawk landing in someone’s backyard and finding a duck just waiting to be eaten. The hawk carefully approaches its victim before striking it with a quick claw attack.

However, the hawk is in for a surprise. Unlike most of its prey, this duck is not reacting to the attack. The hawk strikes the duck a few more times, thinking it’s some kind of strategy. But still, it doesn’t get a response because it’s attacking a lawn ornament! The hawk then starts walking around confused before realizing it will have to leave empty-handed and find another victim.

We feel sorry for this poor hawk as it just wasn’t its day. But we’re also glad that the fake duckie wasn’t hurt in the process.

Check out the funny video below.