Heartwarming Video Shows a Boy Playing With a Bored Husky in the Snow

Huskies love snow, and they can’t get enough of it. However, they enjoy it a lot more when there is someone who can share that joy with them.

One dog owner recently shared a heartwarming video on social media that shows a boy from the neighborhood playing with her beloved husky Levi. The two can be seen rolling in the snow and profoundly enjoying time together.

As explained in the video, Levi’s owner had to attend a meeting on Zoom, but Levi didn’t want to come inside. While he got his wish of staying outdoors, the dog quickly got bored with playing by himself.

However, Levi’s boredom was quickly cured by a boy who came over to cheer him up.

“I had to literally turn my camera off in the meeting because I couldn’t contain my excitement,” Levi’s owner shared in the video.

The boy and Levi ended up spending quite some time together before the boy’s mom came and took him home.

However, that wasn’t the end of boy and Levi’s playtime. After a few days, the boy returned with a friend while Levi’s owner was petsiting another dog. The two boys and two dogs spent the entire day together and played until the sun went down. 


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