Heartwarming Video Shows Group of Senior Rescue Dogs Taking a Field Trip to Chick-fil-A

Florida-based animal shelter True and Faithful Pet Rescue Mission (TFPRM) is dedicated to giving a better life to senior rescue dogs and unwanted dogs with medical issues. And the way they do, it is truly heartwarming and inspiring.

Besides providing the dogs with home, medical care, and food, the shelter also tries to lift their mood with all sorts of fun activities. For example, TFPRM’s staff recently decided to take a group of their residents on a field trip to the fast-food chain Chick-fil-A.

In a video posted on the shelter’s TikTok channel, puppers Cookie, Lucy, Roxie, Sunshine, Mollie, and Mia can be seen boarding the van and being excited about the trip. Once they arrived at the location, the dogs were treated with food and ice cream, visibly enjoying every bit of the treat. 

Of course, the rest of the shelter’s residents got a little something as well. The staff picked up a bunch of chicken nuggets and surprised the dogs that didn’t take part in the trip.

Trips to Chick-fil-A are just one of the exciting activities True and Faithful Pet Rescue Mission frequently organizes for its residents, according to the shelter’s founder Lisa Letson. The dogs get to enjoy pool days, visits to the beach, and more.

“We make sure to make time for special days, such as a pool day, beach day, and even golf-cart rides,” Letson told Newsweek. “They all were beyond thrilled to get in the car and were even more excited when their food came out.”