Heartwarming Video Shows Mama Squirrel Reuniting With Her Babies

The SPCA Serving Erie County, an animal shelter and rescue from West Seneca, New York, recently shared a heartwarming video that shows a mama squirrel reuniting with her babies. If you like happy endings, it is one you have to watch.

Back in late 2023, SPCA Serving Erie County volunteers were notified about a nest with baby squirrels that was found in the chimney of a demolished house. The volunteers got to the scene and figured out that the best strategy was to reunite babies with their mother. However, the mom squirrel was nowhere to be found.

The rescuers opted to place baby squirrels in an improvised nest and place them on the ground, near the site where they were found, in hopes mom will return. It turned out that was the right move because the mom ended up spotting her babies really soon.

In a video shared on SPCA Serving Erie County’s Facebook page in honor of Squirrel Appreciation Day, a mama squirrel can be seen getting off a tree and curiously looking at the nest. After she approaches it, she immediately recognizes her babies. She takes one of the babies and runs off to her backup nest before returning to get the others.