Here’s What You Should Know About Pallas’ Cat AKA the Manul

Image by Dick Smit/Flickr

Pallas’ cat is the cat species inhabiting montane steppes and grasslands of Central Asia. The species lives in high-elevation, usually up to 5,000m. Because of this, manul cats have sensitive health and are prone to viral infections. Unfortunately, they are considered to be an endangered species and the mortality rate in new litters goes up to 45%.

Pallas’ cats are currently a hit among social media users, but they are not a good choice as pets. Despite their unique looks and expressive faces, their nature is too wild and solitary to be tamed.

If you want to see a manul cat in person, visit one of the many zoos in the world where they live. Some zoos where you can visit them are Red River Zoo in Fargo, U.S., Cincinnati Zoo, also U.S., Nordens Ark Zoo in Sweeden, Korkeasaari Zoo in Finland, Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S., etc.