Here’s Why Your Cat Loves to Sit in the Sink

You may think that your cat only enjoys sleeping in the sink as a way to annoy you, but it actually doesn’t have to do anything with you. Next time you get annoyed because you can’t get ready for work with your cat sitting in the sink, know why it’s happening.

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I sink I saw a puddy cat 🙀😹

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Honestly speaking, science doesn’t have a definitive answer for this. There are a few theories that may help you understand your furry pets better. Veterinarian Dr. Rebecca Greenstein told Reader’s Digest that one of the theories is that the sink shape makes cats feel safe, “There have been studies to show that cat stress levels are significantly decreased when they have access to a hiding spot like a box, so we can extrapolate a sink may have a similar appeal.”

Cats could also be using the sink to cool down after sitting in a warm place like a windowsill, the radiator, or your computer while you’re working (familiar?). Sinks are typically raised, and cats feel dominant and secure when they’re in an elevated position. 

There’s absolutely no harm in letting your cat sit in the sink if it doesn’t bother you that much. If you don’t like it, you can try keeping the bathroom door shut.