This Horse Was Dubbed as “Rapunzel” And We Can See Why

Image via @haflinger_storm_naomi / Instagram

Storm is an 8-year-old Haflinger (a breed of horse famous for their long flaxen hair), who gained social media attention thanks to her gorgeous golden locks. She was given the nickname “Rapunzel,” after the iconic character in the classic fairy tale.

Her owner, Naomi Beckers, fell in love with Storm two years ago and she immediately bought her from the previous owner. Both Beckers and Storm have wavy blonde curls and they looked beautiful together. Storm’s hair hasn’t been cut since she was two years old and Becker decided to kept her hair long and luscious. Now, her hair is over three feet in length but for her safety, it’s occasionally braided.

Beckers established a new Instagram account exclusively for Storm and she never imagined it would become so popular. With over 35k followers, Storm is now a certified Insta-famous.

“I was planning to post a few pictures on it [Storm’s Instagram] from time to time, but people kept asking me when I would post another photo,” Beckers said. “It is actually a bit out of control, but I think it is very nice that it has grown so much!”