House Of Phids is an Instagram Page You Should Follow If You Love Spiders

House of Phids is a house full of small and adorable creatures; spiders! Well, from when are spiders adorable, you might wonder?

The Phidippus Jumping Spiders have big, googly eyes and long eyelashes which makes them look very cute. Their owner used to be afraid of pretty much all spiders. However, the Jumping Spiders were the ones that really got him into them.

“For me, it was just the intelligence they have,” their owner shared on The Dodo. “They have impeccable eyesight but they also have complex problem-solving skills. Just like humans, they all have their different quirks. You know, they all have their own personality. And I think that’s the main thing that I want people to take away from it, is that they don’t want to harm us and they’re very sweet and just because they’re small creatures doesn’t mean they don’t deserve our respect and our love.”

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