How to Prepare Your Pet When You Head Back to Work

How to help your pet when you return to work.
Photo by Amy Humphries on Unsplash

Now that things are starting to return back to “normal” and people are getting vaccinated, employees are going back to the office. Over the past year and a bit we’ve gotten so used to working from home and being with our pets 24/7 that the transition back to the office is going to be difficult for them. But with these tips, you can help make it easier and more comfortable for when you return to work.

Leave the House Without Your Pet

Leave the house for short periods of time without your pets so they can get used to what it’s like to have the house to themselves. Make sure you mix things up and vary your patterns so they don’t associate departure cues like putting your shoes on or the sound of keys, with you leaving. Try your best not to get them all hyped up when you leave and return.

Create a Safe Space

For dogs, get a crate to allow them to have a space to retreat to when they’re feeling anxious. Cats like having areas to themselves, especially if they’re quiet and dark.

Get Them Treats and Toys

One of the best ways to relieve anxiety for your pets is to keep them occupied when you’re away. Get them special treats, toys, and feeding puzzles for when you’re at work.

Talk to the Vet

Instead of punishing your pet when they show signs of excessive anxiety like urinating, over-grooming, engaging in destructive behavior, and barking, consult with your vet about the best plan of action.