How Your Dog is Telling You It’s Stressed Out

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

If only our best furry friends could talk, right? When your dog is happy and excited to play with you, it’s surprisingly easy to communicate with it.

But what happens when something is bothering the dog, it’s nervous or stresses out? Unfortunately, animals can’t tell you how they feel.

Take a look at some universal signs you should look for in a stressed-out dog.

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Yes, yawning is not just a sign of tiredness. Yawning is a dog’s way of dealing with nervousness, so if your dog repeatedly yawns, this is probably a sign that it’s uncomfortable.

Excessive barking

Dogs love to bark for many reasons, but if you ever notice that its barking is unusual, you should pay attention. Barking may be intensified if your pet is under stress and it can also turn into growling, whining, whimpering or excessive panting.

Ears Are Pulled Back

Dogs ears differ and that’s why owners should learn some usual positions of their pet’s ears. When dog’s ears are pulled back, or pinned, this usually means that the dog is stressed and anxious.

Tail between the legs

You know that the tail is maybe the most important part of your dog and it can tell you stories about how it. Just like you know that a tail moving very fast means your dog is excited and happy, a tucked tail is simple to understand – it means your dog is concerned or anxious.

Half-moon Eyes

If your dog’s eyelids are peeled back or wide open so the white area of the eye (sclera) is exposed, this can also indicate a stressed-out dog.