If Pets Could Talk, What Would They Tell You About the Holidays?

Youtube star Ze Frank shared a cute video that sums up the holidays in the cutest way ever. In his new video, he narrates the thoughts of cats and dogs around holiday time. It’s funny to hear how our pets would react to common things that happen during holidays and this heartwarming video brings us some long-needed answers.

The video got over 700,000 views in only three days and we expect it to become even more popular in the upcoming month. Make sure to share it with your friends who love cute animals (that’s all of them, right?) and spread the holiday joy around.

“But check this out they decapitate a tree right,” we hear one cat thinking. “And then they keep it alive with sugar water, then they put all kinds of crap on it right to weigh it down and humiliate it. And then here’s the kicker they put wrap boxes all around it.” 

See the video below.