If Real Animals Were Balloon-animals

Have you ever wondered what would animals look like if they were balloons? Probably not, but you must admit it would be pretty interesting to find out.

Well, Indonesian photographer Aditya Aryanto has an incredible imagination and she thought about this question for quite some time. Then she decided to use her artistic skills to turn some real-life animals into inflatable balloons.

Aryanto collected public domain photos of all sorts of animals, wild and domestic, and used only Photoshop to transform them into giant furry balloons. This is how her newest photo series called “Aniball” was created, and you can see tigers, cats, animals, sheep and other animals in this collection.

“Animals are a part of our life and we must see them every day. In this project, I try to visualize shapes for the animals. I tried changing their bodies and that was quite complicated. Imagination is always needed to make a new animal form”, wrote Aryanto for *Bored Panda*.

This is not the first time that the artist used photo manipulation to create amazing images. In her previous photo series “Animal Cubes”, Aryanto transformed animals into cubes and people absolutely loved it, otherwise she would have more than 80k followers on Instagram.

Check out the cute furry balloons.

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