Incredible Life-Like Pet Portraits By Alex Cech

Art has always been the number one passion of Alexandra Cech and she feels very lucky to use her passion for creating artwork for her clients’ beloved pets. Cech, who has three dogs of her own, understands the incredible bond between humans and pets.

In her site called Painted Paws, you can see all her oil and watercolor paintings. Cech can also combine different photos if there is more than one photo the customer wants to use. She produces various compositions that you can choose from and after you find one you like she uses the photos as a reference to paint a portrait.

Her paintings are all hand-drawn, custom, and unique. Watercolor paintings can take 1-2 weeks to complete, while oils take around a month.

The artist has been painting almost exclusively for a few years now and seeing the final painting side by side is super rewarding for her.

“Since I work from photographs, I rarely get to meet the pet that I’m painting, but seeing them with their portrait is definitely the next best thing,” she shared.