The Internet Loves This Adorable Peach-cuddling Cat

Image via Lydia Coutré/Twitter

There’s an adorable cat who is the most excited about the peach season. Meet Ozzy, a 5-year-old Siamese/Tabby mix, who love peaches so much, he wants to stay with the stone fruit all day!

“He nuzzles them, uses them as a pillow to rest, or just stands over them guarding them,” Lydia Coutré, whose parents own Ozzy, told The Dodo.

“[He] was introduced to them the first peach season our family had him,” she added. “He found them on the table and immediately started rubbing on them the first time he was around them, so we think it’s probably the feeling of the peaches that he likes.”

Ozzy, who was adopted by the Coutré family in 2013, doesn’t like all round fruits. “Ozzy hates clementines,” Coutré explained. “He smells them, makes a face, turns up his nose and runs away. Ozzy doesn’t cuddle any other fruit — just peaches.”

When Coutré shared on Twitter about Ozzy’s strange love affair with peaches, it quickly went viral and today, the post already gained over 196k likes and more than 72k retweets. The cat, however, doesn’t mind his fame on the internet, he’s more concerned with peach season ending.

“I’m just glad the internet loves him as much as we do,” Coutré said. “And perhaps we’ll buy him some out-of-season peaches to keep him company.”