It Turns Out Baby Owls Sleep Just Like Baby Humans

We all know that owls sleep standing up, right? We’ve seen this on photos, in documentaries, and read about it in books. But no one got around to tell us that this only applies to adult owls.

Baby owls, on the other hand, sleep just like baby humans. They lay on their stomach and turn their head to get cozy before surrendering themselves to sweet dreams.

Journalist and author Mark Rees found out this just recently and decided to share the info with his Twitter followers. According to Rees, the reason why baby owls, or owlets, sleep this way is because their head is too big for their body.

It turned out that there were tons of people who also heard about it for the first time, and his tweet quickly went viral.

Owlets are able to sleep like this even when they are on trees. Using the hallux (their back toe), baby owls tightly grip the branches, and that way, they can keep themselves in the same position even when snoozing.

After Rees’ tweet, several other posts about sleeping habits of baby owls resurfaced on Twitter. Check them out below.