Jack Russell Terrier Named Efruz Loves Catching Waves More Than Anything

Swimming isn’t the only water activity dogs enjoy. As it turns out, some of them are quite fond of water sports like surfing. There is a Jack Russell Terrier named Efruz from Peru who loves catching waves more than anything.

Efruz and his owner Mauro Canella, a surfing instructor, enjoy spending their days surfing on the beaches of San Bartolo, a small town near Peru’s capital, Lima. The two became quite an attraction, and their joint surfing sessions attract quite a crowd every time.

“He loves the sea,” Canella explains.

According to Canella, the two first tried out surfing together a year ago. It turned out that Efruz loves the activity and can’t get enough of it. They keep on slashing through waves until the dog gets cold, at which point he heads to the shore to warm up a bit.

When surfing, Efruz, wearing a tiny life jacket, plants himself on the front of the surfing board while his owner catches the waves. Sometimes, the waves get too big, and Efruz falls off, but he immediately asks for another go.

Canella and Efruz inspired other pet owners, and San Bartolo beaches are now filled with humans and their dogs going surging together.