Japanese Bakery Makes Adorable Cat-Shaped Bread

One Japanese bakery has decided to take their love for cats to a whole new level. They started making a variety of cat-shaped bread that quickly became a hit among their customers.

Neko Neko Shokupan, which translates to Cat Cat Sandwich Bread, the bakery offers this kawaii sliced bread in three locations in Japan: Aichi, Gifu, and Tokyo. They have several different varieties, including Plain, Chocolate, Azuki red bean, and Cheese.

During the process of making this adorable-looking bread, the bakery uses 100-percent fresh milk, which gives it “a rich, milky flavor with a soft and chewy texture.”


The bread is delicious on its own, but you can also use it as toast or sandwich bread. Neko Neko Shokupan offered several ideas on their Instagram account.