Jason Lyons Creates Insect Sculptures Using Recycled Materials

For sculptor Jason Lyons recycling has been a huge part of his life. Growing up, he often went on a ‘junk’ hunting trip with his father and spent most of his childhood in the outdoor. Fast forward a couple of decades later he began his artistic journey by creating 3D animal and insect sculptures using “whatever” things he can find.

“Creations from man-made objects discarded as refuse and reinterpreted to form objects found in nature are the inspirations for my art,” the artist shared on his personal website.

“The simple spoon forms the body of a rainbow trout; a discarded children’s toy becomes the foundation for a moose; horseshoes transform into armadillos. Sensing exactly what a certain item is to become just by its very shape, material and innate energy sculptures literally grow from that humble beginning.”

You can find his work on social media and on his personal website where he publishes images of his creations. He is currently open for commissions, so if you want to have your own creature, contact him via e-mail.

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Another shot showing the wing detail

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