Jenna Barton’s Creepy Illustrations Feature Shadowy Animals

Illustrator Jenna Barton lives in Utah and creates nightmare-like portraits of animals. Dark and mystical illustrations feature a number of animals that almost look like shadows.

Barton primarily works with digital tools, sometimes adding watercolor for effect. She describes her style as “magical-realism-animal-gothic” and has been creating such works since 2017 when she completed her BFA in Illustration.

“I hark back a lot to my childhood in Idaho, as well as looking to my current environment in Utah, to inform my work. I’d like to capture the strange emotions that I always felt in rural and empty places, and the daydreams I’ve had there. It’s those liminal spaces that I like best, and I’m interested in the structures that bring the human world into nature—radio towers, houses, power lines—especially in the absence of humans themselves,” she said to This is Colossal

Scroll down to see her art.