Jeremy the Manager is Instagram’s Most Purrfect Business Cat

Cats have a reputation for being lazy and napping all day, but Jeremy the Manager is all about that hustle. He’s the most purrfessional cat that you’ll ever come across and he spends his days working as the operation manager at a pet store in New York.

With 700,000 followers on Instagram, Jeremy made quite a splash on social media, and it’s not difficult to see why. He’s one hard-working cat, and most of his viral videos see him wearing colorful ties and roaming around the pet store Citi Pups in New York.

If you think that cats are lazy and carefree creatures, Jeremy is here to change your mind because his schedule is pretty full every day. From greeting guests to watching over the register, Jeremy is doing a great job taking care of the store, and we can’t help but wonder if he’s paid in scratches and belly rubs.

The main purpose of Jeremy’s social media accounts is to bring attention to Citi Pups, a family-run small business that’s been around for over three decades. They’re on a mission to provide a space where New Yorkers can interact with a variety of different breeds and serve as matchmakers between dogs and their future owners.