Jojo is a Dolphin Who Loves Being Around People

Jojo is a Wild Bottlenose dolphin living his best life on the Turks and Caicos Islands. Jojo isn’t afraid of people, as a matter of fact, he loves surfing with them.

“Everybody on the island knows Jojo. He’ll go underneath you and he’ll just cruise with you,” Wake to Wake told The Dodo. “He’ll look straight into your eyes. You can see there’s a little bit of confusion in his face looking over and seeing, like, ’How are you doing this with me?’”

Not only does Jojo adore humans, but he also befriends every dog he sees. One of them is Zyzz.

“When we started the business, he just seems to love coming up and interacting with us. Jojo definitely really likes playing with the dogs,” they added. “They [start] playing in the water together. I think they get on so well when they’re together ’cause they just wanna play.”

To follow Jojo’s little adventures, check out the Instagram page below.