Kaia is an Adorable Bernese Mountain Dog Who Isn’t Scared of the Vet

Taking your dog to the vet is never a pleasant experience, even if it’s only for a routine checkup. Naturally, you are worried about your four-legged friend and whether it will be a scary experience for them. But as a recent viral video posted on TikTok shows, the dogs are usually much braver than we give them credit.

The clip shows an adorable one-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog named Kaia being taken to the veterinary clinic in order to get her vaccines. While the vet was applying the vaccines, the dog’s owner embraced her, not knowing how she’ll react. But it turned out that Kaia is actually a very brave girl.

After receiving the first shot, Kaia didn’t even move and only turned her head to give the vet a puzzled look that we believe was saying: “That wasn’t bad as I thought it would be.” The second shot, however, surprised Kaia a bit as she opened her eyes wide and made a worried face. Still, she soldiered through it all and made her visit to the clinic a complete success.

Kaia’s bravery and cuteness left internet users in awe. The original clip got more than 17 million views in a week while prompting thousands of comments.

“Omg she is too cute!!” wrote one user.

“So cute and brave. Obviously trusts her owner a lot, she’ll gradually get used to the vets,” added another one. We’re proud of you, Kaia!