Katie Anne is Taking Instagram by Storm With Her Amazing Plants

We’ve seen many plant lovers find viral fame on Instagram after putting their impressive plant collection on full display, and Katie Anne is one of them. She shares her home with over 200 plants and enjoys using the power of social media to spread her love for plants to thousands of people from around the world.

Katie Anne is based in the Bay Area, California, and she started sharing her plant journey with the world in 2020. It all started when a friend gifted her a Dracaena years ago because her cat wouldn’t stop eating the leaves. It’s been a decade since then and her first Dracaena kept growing as the years went by—along with the rest of her impressive collection.

Katie Anne now owes over 200 plants, some of which she propagated on her own, and they took over her entire house, despite her best attempts to give some of them away to her friends.

She initially bought plants because they looked nice, but the more she learned about them, the more she fell in love with the process of researching what makes each one unique.

“The beauty of actually being able to constantly learn about [plants] has been my number one drive to keep these plants. There will never be a point where I’ll think I know everything about plants or the care they require. How they grow and what it takes for them to thrive, it’s a constant learning process,” she told The Leafy Plant.