Kind Humans Rescue Toucan in Peruvian Amazon and Help Him Fly Again

Environmental influencer Paul Rosolie recently shared a unique rescue story on his social media. Rosolie, who is the founder of Junglekeepers, organization dedicated to preserving Peruvian Amazon, and fellow activist Nikita Anna Skariah rescued a toucan and helped him fly again.

During one of their jungle trips in January, Rosolie and Skariah spotted a toucan in really bad shape. The bird was missing most of its feathers and was infected by parasites. They decided to take him back to their research station in hopes of nursing the toucan back to health.

Thanks to Rosolie and Skariah, the toucan, now named Lucas, began to recover. Lucas was getting stronger by the day and even started to get its feathers back. After some time, the bird settled in the nearby trees but still returned to her human friends to get food and occasional cuddles.

Eventually, Lucas did what Rosolie and Skariah hoped and decided to fly away one day for good and return to his true home.

“He’s now wild and free and flying around with other toucans. What an amazing animal, what a survivor, and now every time I see a toucan I call his name hoping he’ll come back to my shoulder,” Rosolie shared in the final update about Lucas.